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Get reimbursed up to 70% for retrofits with Potomac Edison's Direct Install Program

Direct Install is a turnkey solution that makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to high efficiency equipment. Willdan, which has been selected by Potomac Edison to implement the program, will provide you with a FREE energy assessment to identify eligible equipment replacements, help you complete the application/agreement, then replace the equipment in a convenient and timely way.

The program pays up to 70% of eligible retrofit costs, dramatically improving your payback on the project. Plus, you'll continue to save energy and money for years to come.

Program Benefits

Turnkey process — Willdan or one of its partner contractors will address your project from start to finish, beginning with an assessment of your facility, and ending with the installation of eligible energy-efficient equipment.

Minimal cost — The program pays up to 70% of the cost of qualified measures, which means your upgrade project can very quickly pay for itself.

Fast turn-around — Project installations are typically completed within 90 days from the time of scheduling your energy assessment.

Ongoing savings — Your new energy-efficient equipment will provide savings for years to come through dramatically reduced energy costs on your monthly utility bills.

Customer Eligibility

  • Existing small commercial facilities with a billed electric demand of 60 kW or less.
  • Buildings must be located in Potomac Edison’s electric service territory in Maryland.

Representative Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning controls