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Effective Jan. 1, 2024, CLEAResult® will implement Potomac Edison’s commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs during the next EmPOWER Maryland program cycle: Jan. 1, 2024, through Dec. 31, 2026. For more information, please visit https://energysavemd-bizsolutions.com/

shutterstock_290146649Small Business Direct Install Program

Together with Potomac Edison, Willdan and its Program Allies bring efficiency improvements that can help your business save on energy costs. Our energy advisors will guide you through energy-saving upgrade options and help your business get the best possible deal. Best of all, incentives are available that cover up to 80% of the installed project cost.

As a business, chances are you’re looking for big savings wherever possible.

The Small Business Direct Install Program provides a turnkey solution, choosing the best products for your upgrade, managing the installation process and providing enhanced warranty support. We take care of securing incentives to cover up to 80% of installed energy saving measure costs. No waiting for a rebate check, customers receive an immediate discount on the project costs. Small Business Direct Install incentives are available for commercial accounts with average annual demands under 100 kW.  Additionally; Small Business customers may be eligible to upgrade their facility lighting at no additional cost through our DIY offering. 

Upgrading to energy-saving options can cut your costs — not to mention it’s environmentally responsible, too!

  • No impact on your time or budget
  • Make your business as efficient as possible
  • Save money on your energy bill each month
  • Improve the look and feel of your business

How It Works

From enrollment to incentive, we make it easy to find the best energy-efficient solutions for your business.

Willdan or one of our Program Allies will assess your facility to determine the best energy and cost-saving upgrades to fit your budget.
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Our team works on your schedule to install your new upgrades and to complete any paperwork needed.
Your new energy-efficient equipment will provide savings for years to come through dramatically reduced energy costs on your monthly utility bills.
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Available Upgrades

Heating and Cooling

Keep your equipment running efficiently while increasing your profitability. Save money for years to come, get a high-efficiency unit with incentives to offset the cost.  


Your business’s lighting can affect mood, productivity – and your bottom line. We provide retrofit and replacement options so you can choose the upgrades that work best for your space and your budget.


Quality refrigeration is crucial to keep goods cool and fresh. Upgrading reduces your operating expenses, increases profitability, and keeps your coolers and freezers running efficiently.

And More!

Willdan has additional products, such as hot water and food service equipment, available to benefit the health and safety of your business.


For a limited time, the Small Business Direct Install Program will provide you with energy-saving LED screw-in lamps and tubes that you can easily install yourself, at no additional cost. Upgrades include LED screw-in lamps, LED T8 tube lamps, and more!   

DIY lighting is available for eligible small business accounts with average annual demand under 100KW. Contact us today to confirm eligibility.

  • Fit Existing Fixtures
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Lowers Energy Usage

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See What Other Customers Have to Say

From enrollment to incentive, we make it easy to find the best energy-efficient solutions for your business.


Another local business owner referred me to the program and I'm glad they did.  Our employees appreciate the increased brightness and being able to see detailed part numbers better.    Additionally, we're saving money by using less electricity with LED fixtures!"

$10,899 annual savings | 99,084 kWh

Hagerstown, MD

John Deere of Hagerstown
Dave Quirple, Owner
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The process was hassle-free, low cost, and we save money every month on our energy bill. We love the new look, and the customers do too. The brighter lighting has improved the appearance and our customers' in-store experience."

$891 annual savings | 9,422 kWh savings

Frederick, MD

Custom Imprints
Jean-Louis, Manager

It is a great program with a hassle-free process leading to great savings!"

$1,999 annual savings | 18,172 kWh savings

Myersville, MD

Myersville Market - Crown Gas Station
Mr. Patel

Customer Eligibility

The Small Business Direct Install Program is available to commercial accounts with average annual demand under 100KW. Contact us today to confirm eligibility.

Customers served through the program include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Police/Fire Stations
  • Multifamily (common areas)
  • Food and Beverage
  • Churches 
  • Small Retail
  • Grocery/Convenience 
  • Liquor Stores
  • Healthcare
  • Auto Repair
  • Warehouse/Industrial 




Call 855-580-6676, email energysavemd@willdan.com, or fill out the form on the button below to get in contact.

Potomac Edison has a suite of programs to benefit customers of all sizes. To view all available Potomac Edison EmPOWER offerings please click HERE.